Much Moisture From My Beauty Diary’s Southern France Apricot Mask


This is one of the two latest masks to join the My Beauty Diary regular range of masks, the other being the equally bestselling Bird’s Nest Mask. Other brands found in drugstores and in Sasa have also come up with their own version of Bird’s Nest Mask but unless I am mistaken, I don’t think any other brand has a Southern France Apricot Mask as well.

The Southern France Apricot Mask is said to be a high-moisture mask and the apricot essence actually comes from Southern France, according to the product description on the box. Apricot is supposed to promote moisture, plumping and skin elasticity. It also contains Job’s Tears Extract which apparently is often mistaken for Chinese Pearl Barley but there’s a comparison of the two here for anyone who may be interested to see the difference.

It’s a good thing that My Beauty Diary improved the texture of the Southern France Apricot and Bird’s Nest Masks. These two masks are much thinner than the other masks in the regular range and therefore they give a better and closer fit. I often found the other My Beauty Diary masks quite ill-fitting but the Southern France Apricot Mask fit like a glove. I really liked the thinness of the mask even though some may find it to be too fragile but you just have to be very gentle when you unfold it and fit it on to your face.

There is a lovely apricot scent when you pull the mask out of the sachet but the scent doesn’t remain long. Who doesn’t love the scent of apricots? I wonder if one day My Beauty Diary will come up with a Durian Mask? Now that would be only for die-hard durian fans. After all, Dr. Murad has come up with durian skincare.

Just like any other sheet mask, I like to use it after it has been in the fridge for some time. Now that the weather is sweltering,using a cool sheet mask is the next best thing to sticking my head in the freezer. It’s been so excruciatingly hot that I fear I may use up my supply of sheet masks before the year is over.

Although the Southern France Apricot Mask is very moist with essence or serum, it isn’t dripping wet. It stays moist for a good 50 minutes when parts of it begin to get dry but the bottom end remains still quite moist and any residue is used to wipe my neck.

Applying skincare products afterwards makes my skin even softer and smoother. I do like this mask very much as its thinner texture allows my skin to absorb more of the essence/serum. Moreover, being able to have the product on for 50 minutes definitely maximises the usage.

Normal retail price of a box of 10 Southern France Apricot Masks is RM49.90 but I purchased mine at a rare 20% discount making it only RM39.90 or RM4 per mask. Each mask contains 23ml of serum.