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Since my first spa treatment at Poise Organic Wellness Studio, I have been thinking of my next visit as I thoroughly enjoyed my 2.5+ hours there. The second visit came sooner than I expected thanks to the Dealmates offer.

For RM129 instead of RM369, those who purchased the deal would get 2 hours and 45 minutes of Rosy Indulgence Milk Bath Treatment which includes foot bath + steam bath + body scrub + body wrap + milk bath + body massage + aromatherapy eye pillow treatment + signature ginger tea + massage oil.

This deal was a no-brainer, especially for those who have been to Poise before. The best part about their spa treatments is the body massage. There are quite a few massage oils to suit one’s needs at Poise but for the Rosy Indulgence Milk Bath Treatment’s massage, a rose scented oil was used.

The Rosy Indulgence Milk Bath Treatment begins with a lime foot bath for 10 minutes. After that, I was ushered to the top floor where the spa/shower/jacuzzi area is. After changing into disposable undergarments, this time with a sarong over them, I stepped into the steam and surprisingly, this time the heat was much more tolerable than the first time. Perhaps familiarity breeds tolerance in this case? Certainly time seemed to pass much faster than my first experience in there.

15 minutes later, I was scrubbed from neck to toe with the rose scrub which had crushed rose petals in it. As the scent of fresh roses permeated the air, I lay supine in a blissful state of sheer indulgence. This state was only interrupted by another therapist who came in to prepare the other jacuzzi for another customer who was having the same treatment. My therapist informed me that there were 3 ladies (including yours truly) who were having this treatment that afternoon.

After I had been covered with scrub, I was wrapped up in towels, no plastic sheets this time which meant it was less hot and of course, that translated to less sweat too. 15 minutes later, I was unwrapped and stepped into the shower cubicle to wash off before immersing myself in the jacuzzi which had rose petals in it.

Unlike the 1st time I was there, the water temperature was much less hot. This time, I didn’t feel thirsty at all so thus far, it was a lot more comfortable. Perhaps I have become accustomed to the heat? It was another 15 minutes in the jacuzzi but at that time, the sky had turned dark and there was a gust of wind from outside so that brought the temperature in the room down quite a bit.

A fresh change of underwear after drying off and I was heading down to the next floor to one of the massage rooms for 1.5 hours of much needed kneading. My therapist was different from the one who massaged me the first time. This time round, the lady was from Sabah who was initially too gentle on me. I asked her to increase the strength of the massage since I am a glutton for punishment.

Time passed way too quickly but thanks to the massage from the therapist from Bandung the first time I was there four weeks ago, my muscles didn’t feel as sore as then. I’d go once a month, time permitting as regular massages can really soothe muscle aches and pains.

What more can I say? It was another satisfying afternoon at Poise which was made complete with a cup of their non-alcoholic “pick-me-up” ginger tea. Going home with a 20ml bottle of their signature house blend lavender massage oil was a bonus.

Poise…..I’ll be back!