Clarisonic Aria Launch



I have been using Clarisonic Mia 2 for the past 2 years and although I don’t use it everyday, I do use it frequently enough. Maybe it’s the placebo effect but my skin does feel more cleansed with the Mia 2 than if I have used my hands. While Mia 2 has 2 speeds, the newly introduced Aria has 3 speeds. Speed 1 is for delicate skins, Speed 2 (universal) for normal skins offering 26% more cleansing than Speed 1 and Speed 3 (powerful) offers 56% more cleansing power than Speed 1.

During the launch, Aria was tested against a similar product from an unknown brand. Both were pressed against a piece of tissue on a board and while the tissue didn’t budge when the Aria was used on it, the tissue moved all over when the unknown similar product was used on it.


Then the Aria was used on this volunteer’s right hand and after cleansing, she held her hands up for the audience to have a look at the difference.


Can’t really see the difference here but she clearly seems pleased with the results.

Anyway having used the Aria for the past few weeks, I’ll say it feels a bit more heavy and sturdy than Mia 2. Other than that, I don’t really feel much difference between the highest speed in the Aria and that of the Mia 2. So for those who already have the Mia 2, I don’t feel it’s necessary to upgrade to Aria but if you don’t have either yet, then consider the price difference between the 2 which is RM140 – the Mia 2 is RM550 while Aria is RM690.

Okay, Aria comes with a convenient drying stand which doubles as a charging station when partnered with the pLink® charger. It also has a battery-life indicator which the Mia 2 doesn’t have. The indicator eliminates the guess work so you don’t have to think about when the device needs another charge. All very well and good but I have been fine with my Mia 2 so far and never ran out of battery life before I could recharge. I guess the biggest consideration here about whether to spend more for the Aria is whether you need the extra speed – if you think your skin needs deeper cleansing, then by all means go for the Aria but if you haven’t got serious problems with your skin, then I feel the Mia 2 will do just fine.

deep pore

In any case, the brush head has a lot to do with the cleansing you are getting so doesn’t matter whether you have Mia 2 or Aria. If you have pore problems for example, you would choose the Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head which is recommended for all skin types with enlarged pores. This brush head is engineered with unique graduated dual action bristles to flush and dislodge oil and debris that clogs pores.

tofu test

Interestingly during the launch, the Aria was also used on bean curd and as you can guess, the bean curd didn’t break up whereas when Brand X device was used on the bean curd, they cracked. Now that’s food for thought!

The Aria set comes with a 30ml Refreshing Gel Cleanser.

Product reviewed is a press sample.