ZA Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Collection



 It seems that the majority of young women have used ZA Cosmetics since it first became available here in 1997. The products are reasonably priced and the quality is generally good. This spring, ZA introduces a number of makeup products, some of which I can’t wait to try out but let’s have a look at what’s in the SS2013 Collection.



Killer Volume Mascara RM34.90

Product Description – This ultra-voluminous Killer Volume Mascara carries up to 170% mascara liquid to deliver ultra thick and perfectly curled lashes that last all day long. The secret to this all-new mascara lies in its one-of-a-kind brush that is able to hold up more mascara liquid, thus coating individual lashes evenly. Besides that, the enhanced formula contains Hollow Air-Fiber that coats individual lashes completely from bottom to tip, giving each lash a darker appearance. Killer Volume is also formulated with Volume-Styling wax and Curl-Keep polymer oil to adhere to individual lashes, making it easy to curl and hold the lashes.


Eyes Groovy RM39.90 – 07 Pinkish Brown, 08 Clean Gray, 09 Wine Red

Product Description – New extensions to the Eyes Groovy collection, these four colour eye palettes now come in sweet shades of neutrals and pinks to complement the season of floral. These colours are specifically selected for users to achieve simple, everyday looks perfect for the season. With Brilliant Powder Complex, the eye shadow colours give eyes a stunning glow. Its Skin Fit formula enables the sheer, bright colours to be layered and spread on eyelids easily.



07 Pinkish Brown



08 Clean Gray



09 Wine Red


Lip Drops RM18.90

Product Description – To complement the new selection of Eyes Groovy, ZA is also expanding its Lip Drops collection with these sheer, lady-like shades. This tube-type lip gloss promises to give shiny, dewy, plump lips instantly without any sticky feeling. The Drop Seal formula and Collagen Complex in Lip Drops give lips super instant shine while sealing in moisture to ensure lips stay plump and moist. The sweet aroma of Lip Drops is a harmonious mixture of orange, mixed fruits and flowers such as rose, jasmine and fenugreek.


Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation RM36.90 – refill, RM14.00- case

Product Description – A powder foundation that gives you the most natural finish. This lightweight foundation offers high coverage and uses Micro-Fine Powder to correct uneven skin tones and give radiance to dull skin. The Poreless Powder formula smooths out skin and fills in uneven pores to give skin a smooth and polished finish. Contains water-holding collagen, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid.


Perfect Fit Concealer RM30.90

Product Description – Formulated with Perfect Cover Powder, this concealer provides high coverage to perfectly cover all skin concerns. The Skin Fit Prescription of this concealer fits and adheres closely over skin without creasing throughout the day. Its rich cream-type formula spreads on skin lightly and easily with no heavy feeling. ZA has also enhanced the formula of Perfect Fit Concealer with  water-holding collagen, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid.


Total Hydration Day Cream White RM26.90, Total Hydration BB Cream UV White RM27.90, Total Hydration Night Cream White RM28.90

Product Description – Hydration and whitening are now made possible with the new Total Hydration Day and Night Cream White. Both are formulated with the new and advanced Double Whitening Complex, a first ZA technology to combine effective whitening ingredients, Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C derivatives. Total Hydration Day Cream White contains SPF18/PA++ with anti-UVA/UVB.

Total Hydration BB Cream UV White has 100% natural Oil Control Powder while the Color Control Powder provides higher whitening coverage for spots and freckles.