Wycon Cosmetics Superwomen Women’s Day Collection



Wycon Cosmetics to celebrates all women with the new collection Superwomen,  a delicate and fresh line designed to enhance and brighten the face without hesitation or fear. An invitation to show her true self and never hide.

Superwomen offers a powder with an impalpable texture and silky touch, designed to highlight the key areas of the face to accompany the blush for a bright, fresh and smooth complexion. The extra touch? The light powder, which can be used on the face and neckline for a refined and elegant style.

dsc_5611dsc_5612To make the look even more attractive, Wycon also offers a brand new SUPER mascara ultra black which makes the eyelashes thick, voluminous and very long.

For flawless, full lips, the brand offers a coloured pencil that ranges from warmer colours such as fire red to more neutral tones, and which can be used alongside a lipbalm, designed to protect and hydrate the lips.

With Superwomen, Wycon wanted to create a line dedicated to women, to highlight and emphasise their beauty thanks to the unique and recognisable packaging.