OPPO Announces AI Eraser Roll Out To Reno11 Series Democratizing Flagship-Grade Generative AI Photo Editing For All

AI On Reno
AI On Reno11 Series

OPPO Malaysia announces that its AI Eraser tool[1] will be rolling out to the Reno11 Series, democratising powerful generative AI photo editing experiences for all users.

“Reno11 Series is the first smartphone line at its price to feature such advanced generative AI image editing, and demonstrates OPPO’s commitment to enrich everyday experiences through technology for everyone,” said Leon Wang, Director of Reno Series Product Planning Department.

With AI Eraser, simply circle objects to remove
Note: The image is simulated for illustrative purposes only. Sequences are shortened. Actual UX/UI may differ

With AI Eraser, every Reno11 Series user can easily remove objects from photos by simply circling them. While other object removal tools exist, many, especially on phones in Reno11 Series’ price range, produce results that appear noticeably edited, creating unnatural-looking elements. By contrast, AI Eraser for Reno11 Series uses advanced generative AI to create class-leading, seamless edits for the best-looking object removal possible.

What does AI Eraser look like in the real world? You’re celebrating Holi festival and take a vibrant, colour-filled selfie with friends, but a motorbike in the background photobombs your picture. With AI Eraser, simply draw a circle around the bike, and AI will intelligently identify and remove it, generating natural-looking content to fill the space. The result is a perfect composition that exactly matches your vision.

Reno11 Series users will be able to experience AI Eraser via an OTA update, with the feature rolling out to Reno11 Series devices in Malaysia from 10 April 2024.

For more information about the OPPO Reno11 Series, ColorOS 14 and AI Eraser, please visit https://www.oppo.com/my/.

[1] Function requires network connection and the availability may vary by country and device.