Twinings Malaysia Bestselling Teas

Twinings Malaysia Bestselling Teas: Pure Camomile, Green Tea Jasmine, Peach Tea, Lady Grey Tea, Earl Grey Tea

Pure Camomile

Twinings Pure Camomile is a golden infusion which is slightly sweet and floral. Twinings harvest their camomile during the warm summer months, selecting the pollen heads, as they’re the sweetest part. Twinings gently steams the camomile to protect their gentle taste. This blend contains all natural flavourings.

Green Tea Jasmine

The pretty, white jasmine flowers are picked early in the day and layered with high quality green tea when the small petals are tightly closed. As night falls the petals open and release their light, perfumed, floral fragrance into the tea giving it a delicate, refreshing taste.

This blend is pure elegance; smooth and floral.

Peach Tea

Twinings Peach Tea balances the finest tea leaves with the soft subtle flavour of ripe peaches to create a truly refreshing drink with a beautiful fruity scent. Can be served hot or cold, ideally without milk.

Lady Grey Tea

A fragrant, bright & light black tea scented with Bergamot & Citrus notes of oranges & lemon. Lady Grey is a trademarked variation on Earl Grey Tea. Like Earl Grey, it is a black tea flavoured with bergamot essential oil.

Lady Grey was created by Twinings in the early 1990s to appeal to Northern European markets, which apparently found Earl Grey too strong in flavour. It was named after Mary Elizabeth Grey, wife of Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. The difference between Lady Grey & Earl Grey is that the former contains orange peel and lemon peel.

Personally, I prefer Lady Grey to Earl Grey as the flavour is less intense.

Earl Grey Tea

This could very well be Twinings most famous/well known tea due to its provenance. This is a citrusy (lemon) bergamot blend created in 1831. Twinings created Earl Grey tea in their shop on the Strand on the request of the Prime Minister, Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey). He loved it so much he gave his name to it.