Had To Change The Privacy Settings On My WhatsApp Because Of The Part-Time Job Scams


A while back, I was approached on WhatsApp to apply for an online part-time job that is so seemingly easy. Just ‘like’ whatever YouTube videos you are asked to ‘like’ and you get paid a nominal amount like RM30. However, that is already a red flag that it’s a bait leading you to lose money eventually. I got out of that scam with a small financial gain and after getting out of that, I promised to never accept another similar job.

Fast forward to a few months later and I found myself being added to WhatsApp groups offering the same part-time jobs. This time, I didn’t even have to join a Telegram group in order to participate in those daily tasks which would lead me to Crypto Merchant Tasks, i.e. deposit RM1k with the promise of a commission.

Fed up of being added to WhatsApp groups without my permission, I had to change the Privacy settings on my WhatsApp allowing only my contacts to add me to groups and even then, I may choose to opt out of those groups as I dislike being in any groups (too much irrelevance and sharing of photos). The scammers are getting quite aggressive and using all kinds of tactics to lure us into those ‘jobs’ which are far from legit.