Trying Edelweiss Wheat Beer For The First Time @ Rooftop Lalaport KL

Choose between a can of Edelweiss Wheat Beer OR cocktail

Lots of people love beer but I’ve never liked the taste ever since I took a sip decades ago so I have never had more than that sip of beer so many years ago. However, a few days ago, I found myself at the Edelweiss Weekend Unwind event (open to public, non-Muslims and above 21 years old) @ Rooftop Lalaport KL to have a taste of Edelweiss Wheat Beer.

Born in the heights of the Austrian Alps, Edelweiss’ traditional heritage can be traced back to 1646, making it one of the world’s first wheat beers. Fast forward to today and it’s still based on the same original and all-natural recipe, featuring the finest ingredients, pure Alpine water and a hint of mountain herbs. Each sip of Edelweiss is like taking that first deep breath of pure mountain air & that’s true, it is indeed extremely refreshing.

Cocktail menu
Scent of the Alps Cocktail
I wish I was REALLY at The Alps with a glass of Edelweiss

Visitors can either pre-register or register by scanning at the entrance to the area. Once inside, redeem a can of Edelweiss or a choice of cocktails. I chose the Scent of the Alps Cocktail over the Alpine Zest Cocktail as the former choice is sweeter. Scent of the Alps is a combination of Edelweiss, Vanilla, Apricot, Caramel & Lemon. A chilled cocktail was just what I needed as the weather has been super hot and it was so refreshing sipping it. It was lovely, I don’t mind drinking beer if it’s in a cocktail like this.

The event is still on today from 3-10pm so if you happen to be @ Lalaport, head over to the Rooftop where activities await visitors.