Banana Leaf Meal @ Vishal Food & Catering

Vishal Food & Catering Brickfields

Generally, the reviews online were good and I was looking for a new place to have a banana leaf meal so I headed to Vishal Food & Catering last weekend. The street is less busy than the other main roads of Brickfields and parking wasn’t hard to find. There are a few temples along Jalan Scott. If one is willing to park at the far end of Jalan Scott and take a minute’s walk to Vishal, then parking is certainly no problem.

Vishal serves South Indian food, in particular banana leaf which can be refilled. Service was rather slow though, limited manpower methinks as only one person takes orders. There are waiters but they don’t take orders. I wanted some extra ice in my teh O and had to get it myself because no one wanted to come to my table even when I gestured for service.

Teh O ice in mug
Banana leaf meal RM7.50
Chicken Varuval RM7
Simple but quite spacious

The banana leaf meal comes with the usual 3 types of vegetables, although not my favourite veges. The good thing about this meal is it is refillable, unlike some establishments which charge for each top-up. The Chicken Varuval was somewhat disappointing as it was mainly bones. The taste was alright, but I wouldn’t order this again as it was like sucking the sauce off bony chicken.

What I should have ordered was the idli, I saw them (larger than the average idli) when I went to the kitchen to get the extra ice for my teh O ice. If I went back there again, I would have 2 idli and that would be filling enough.