Tossed @ Jaya Shopping Centre



After our sessions at Code Factory last Saturday, I had lunch with one of my team mates at Tossed @ Jaya Shopping Centre. She felt like having pasta and Tossed does offer a choice of pastas whereas I was okay with anything. I’m not that fussy about food as long as it’s not something I ate the day before.

Anyway, Tossed looks like a restaurant or café for families and I quite like the hanging chairs but when we took our seats the swinging was a bit too much. I felt like I could get a headache in a few minutes and it feels a bit strange to be swinging while trying to get at the food so we opted for the stable chairs.

Tossed offers set lunches and dinners but too bad for us, those are only available from Mon-Fri so we had to go for the a la carte. You can order “Something To Share” such as Spicy Seared Salmon, Tossed! Signature Wings, Truffle Fries, Triple Melt Cheese Toast and Crispy Spicy Lamb (prices between RM10.90 – RM16.90).

For light eaters, there are 3 choices of salads – Tossed! Apple and Chicken Salad @ RM17.90, Tossed! Signature Fruit Salad @ RM18.90 and Lamb Salad @ RM19.90. I ordered the Lamb Salad as I couldn’t resist, the description made it sound too yummy – “juicy boneless meat from leg of lamb marinated in a Mediterranean style accompanied by feta cheese and sliced almond over a bed of salad and finished off with a balsamic reduction.” See what I mean?


It is quite a small portion and I’d say there wasn’t enough of everything but at least the lamb was tender and the sauce complemented the meat and salad very well. I just wish they’d been a bit more generous with the cheaper ingredients like tomatoes. As you can see, there are just 3 slices and these are just ordinary tomatoes, not the more expensive cherry tomatoes.