Topvalu Cleansing Oil Is Great Value


One of the reasons I like browsing at AEON Wellness Pharmacy even though it doesn’t have as many products as the other major pharmacies is because sometimes they have products which are unique to AEON Wellness and some of these products are from Japan.

During one of my recent visits there, I spotted the Topvalu Cleansing Wipes with Oil and Cleansing Oils. There are 2 types of Cleansing Oils, one floral (yellow bottle) and the other grapefruit (green bottle). I don’t know what the difference between the two is other than the scent. There was nothing on either bottle to justify the higher price of the grapefruit cleansing oil. The floral is RM19.90 while the grapefruit is RM26.90. Both bottles are 200ml.

Like many people, I love using cleansing oils to remove makeup. I think that cleansing oils are the most efficient type of cleansers but I balk at the thought of having to fork out RM100 for a bottle of cleansing oil, not that I haven’t done so before.

The floral cleansing oil does have a floral scent which is acceptable. I use a minimum of 4 pumps, anything less and my skin won’t feel squeaky clean. After removing my eye makeup with a separate eye makeup remover, I cleanse the rest of my makeup with this cleansing oil by using it on dry skin and splashing a little bit of water as I go along.

It does remove makeup efficiently without leaving my skin feeling taut and dry. However, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling as soft as other cleansing oils I’ve tried before. Nevertheless, I have no complaints about this cleansing oil as it doesn’t cause my skin to break out and it’s really a great value buy especially when AEON Wellness has a discount on all their products (from time to time).