Novelty Or Necessity : L’oreal White Perfect Pearl Whitening Foundation Essence


Every so often, a brand introduces a make-up product which can either be deemed as a novelty or a necessity. L’oreal’s new foundation is interesting and innovative in that it’s a foundation with a brush attached to it so that one need no longer reach for a separate foundation brush and since this brush also comes with a cover for the brush, it’s convenient to tote around.

Usage is very easy at just the push of the button on the base of the product. Upon 1st usage, 2 clicks and a bit of foundation appears on the brush. It’s good that each click produces a minimum amount of foundation rather than flooding the brush with too much foundation.

I won’t go into the mechanics of how to use the brush to apply the foundation as the diagram above is self-explanatory. During the 1st few applications, the brush was rather stiff and as such, it took more time to apply the foundation evenly with the brush but the brush gets softer with repeated usage.

The brush tip is firm and useful for blending foundation around the nose area. While coverage is average as it doesn’t cover all pigmentation spots, it does impart a natural, radiant finish which I liked. It gave my skin a certain luminosity. There is no streakiness or cakeyness nor does it feel heavy. Another aspect of this foundation which I appreciated is its lightweight feel.






This foundation promises skincare benefits as it contains Melanin-Block™, the key ingredients in the White Perfect range which helps to reduce the production of melanin which in turn is supposed to reduce the appearance of spots.

It also contains SPF17/PA++ which is fine but too low SPF for me. On the plus side, my skin does feel hydrated while the foundation is on, perhaps due to the Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen in the foundation.

So is it novelty or necessity for those of you who have used it? It’s more novelty than necessity for me since I prefer using my fingers to apply foundation. I could do without the brush but it’s nice-to-have if I don’t want to have to use my fingers. After all, I might find myself in a place where I can’t wash my hands. The brush doesn’t get very stained with foundation but once in a while, it needs a wipe with tissue.

L’oreal White Perfect Pearl Whitening Foundation Essence is 17ml/RM79.90. There are 4 shades available, mine is R2 Apricot Ivory which is an almost perfect match.

Note : The foundation was provided by PR for this review.