TMC Fertility: Realising Dreams Of Future Generations

Irene Kwan CEO of TMC Fertility Women's Specialist Centre together with the TMC Fertility Team
Irene Kwan CEO of TMC Fertility Women’s Specialist Centre together with the TMC Fertility Team

On November 19th, Malaysians headed to the polls, essentially deciding the future course of the country. Touted to be a pivotal election, GE-15 has already made history with the automatic registration of citizens aged 18 and above, giving a larger share of voice to a new generation of voters, who are determinately the future of our beloved nation.

This is important, especially considering Malaysia’s population is statistically an ageing one. Realising this, one company is on a mission to preserve future generations by becoming the region’s leading fertility treatment centre.

Established in 1994, TMC Fertility & Women’s Specialist Centre (TMC Fertility) is a full-fledged fertility treatment centre offering a wide range of male and female treatment options. Today, TMC Fertility is poised to be the leading service provider of integrated Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Southeast Asia.

Essentially, ART is widely used by medical practitioners worldwide to treat infertility with treatments relating to both egg and sperm, with In-Vitro fertilisation (IVF) being the most common and effective type of ART.

“ART is a fast-growing field in the world’s medical fraternity. The success and availability of ART has given hope to many couples – both young and old – who have been previously unable to conceive,” says Irene Kwan, CEO of TMC Fertility & Women’s Specialist Centre.

“Understandably, the decision to go through an ART procedure, such as IVF, is a big and potentially life-changing step, adding on to the physically, emotionally, and financially demanding process of conceiving. In this regard, TMC Fertility aims to be a pillar of support during this journey towards parenthood by providing high-quality, safe, and comprehensive services, which adhere to internationally recognised standards. We create rewarding experiences for our customers by building a network of ART centres to serve the region, operated by a team of leading and caring professionals through teaching, research and clinical outcomes, based on our core values of trust, achievement, compassion, and teamwork,” she adds.

Consultation with TMC Fertility's Doctor
Consultation with TMC Fertility’s Doctor

As Malaysians headed to the polls on Saturday, TMC Fertility is looking to inspire voters to cast their ballots, and take charge of their future by not only choosing their future leaders, but also empowering them in their family planning journey. As such, the company will reward three male voters and three female voters with “HIS & HER” fertility screening packages. The “HIS” package (worth RM188) will consist of a full semen analysis followed by a doctor’s consultation, while the “HER” package (worth RM388) includes an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) screening, inclusive of scanning fees and a doctor’s consultation.

To be in the running to win these screening packages, voters are required to tag TMC Fertility on the company’s Facebook (@TMCFertilityCentre) and/or Instagram (@tmcfertility) accounts with a photo of their indelible-inked finger as proof of voting. Three male voters and three female voters will be randomly chosen among eligible participants to win an e-voucher which can be used to redeem the respective package at any TMC Fertility branches nationwide.

The contest runs from now to 30 November, while vouchers will be redeemable by 31 December 2022.