1664 Welcomes Beer Lovers To Discover The New Side Of Blue With 1664 BRUT

1664 BRUT

Beer lovers are invited to Discover the New Side of Blue with the arrival of 1664 BRUT, a crisp, golden premium lager that transcends the ordinary with its easy drinking and refreshing taste. Made for contemporary beer enthusiasts, 1664 BRUT offers a symphony of sensations, boasting a refreshing and crisp taste that leaves any beer lover wanting more.

True to its brand promise, 1664 turns simple pleasures into extraordinary experiences. The latest innovation, 1664 BRUT, continues this offering, enhancing every drinking occasion with its refreshingly
crisp golden lager with a sparkling twist.

Olga Pulyaeva, Marketing Director at Carlsberg Malaysia

“We are thrilled to introduce 1664 BRUT to Malaysian beer enthusiasts. As a premium wheat beer, 1664 is already well-recognised in the market. Our new campaign, ‘Discover the New Side of Blue,’ invites Malaysians to experience a fresh offering from 1664 – a crisp, golden premium lager. This innovation enriches our premium brew portfolio and complements our existing 1664 range, which includes 1664 Blanc, 1664 Rosé, and now 1664 BRUT, providing a diverse selection from wheat beer to lager,” said Olga Pulyaeva, Marketing Director at Carlsberg Malaysia. “We are particularly proud that we are the first South-East Asian country to launch this exciting product. With its refreshingly crisp taste and iconic blue bottle, 1664 BRUT is the perfect companion to elevate any occasion.”

As 1664 BRUT makes its way nationwide in pints, cans, and draught at ABV 4.5%, it brings with it a promise to make every drinking moment extraordinary. Redefining sleek and stylish packaging, its gold label against the iconic blue backdrop perfectly reflects the vibrant spirit it embodies. Whether it is a regular hangout session or crushing weekend clubbing adventures, 1664 BRUT is bound to add that extra twist to any occasion.

Discover The New Side Of Blue With 1664 BRUT

1664 BRUT has debuted in Kuala Lumpur with its first consumer activation at APW Bangsar from June
6th to 9th, inviting guests to discover the New Side of Blue. Transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences, attendees will embark on a journey to explore this crisp, golden lager. The event features a stylish photo zone, personalised graffiti t-shirts, arcade games, and more. Guests will also be treated to a refreshing pint of 1664 BRUT, setting the stage for an exciting party with great music. A daily line-up of local and international artists, including VaVa, JB, Cesqeaux, Babychair, and others, will elevate the evening into an unforgettable celebration.

So, step over to the New Side of Blue with 1664 BRUT – one refreshing sip at a time and experience
the extraordinary.

To find out more about what’s in store, be sure to like and follow https://www.facebook.com/1664MY/
on Facebook and https://www.instagram.com/1664malaysia on Instagram or visit
www.newsideofblue.com for more details. All activities are open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above.