Thanks to the Korean Wave or hallyu, we don’t have to have stepped foot on Korean soil to love all things Korean. This is a country that has exported so much overseas, introduced us to beauty products we’d never heard of before to technology that makes us queue up for hours to get our hands on the latest smartphone. Not to mention, so many of us have signed up for Korean language courses and go hysterical at K-pop concerts or when the hottest actors/actresses are in town promoting their latest drama/movie.

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I’d like to know what you like most about Korea and I stress that you don’t have to have visited this beautiful country to tell me that since it can be anything from their kimchi, instant noodles, fashion, beauty brands to their androgynous boy bands (honestly, I don’t know how anyone can like boys who look like girls). For those of you who have visited Korea, perhaps you liked their warm hospitality and scenery a la Autumn In My Heart (I have no idea what the latest K-dramas are, I admit I am seriously not updated!).

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2. Giveaway ends Sunday 1st February 2015.

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Updated 2nd February 2015

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Princess Neverland


  1. Since the introduction of K-dramas, starting with Winter Sonata, Malaysians has been mesmerized with the culture, drama and food of Korea. Many youngsters has emulated and stated to follow the K-pop culture in the music industry.

    What I like most about Korea is firstly its scenery and culture. Korea is known for its beautiful island (Jeju island) so widely promoted during the drama crazy session. As a temperate country with 4 seasons, it attracts many tourist to visit the country. Secondly, the food that tserved is a plus point to many people which is very palatable to all types of tourist. The blend of kimchi and preserved food is widely consumed by many in the world. The pancake and ramen is to die for!

    Mostly now youngsters are associating Korea culture with the boy bands. Girls and guys goes crazy every time a concert is held either in Malaysia or in the neighbouring countries. I am not so much a fan of those culture (Oppa Gangnam style really freaks me), but undeniably some of their music are ballads that can worth your time.

  2. Thank you Juniper for this giveaway.
    The Korean wave started with the introduction of Autumn in My heart and Winter Sonata which my relatives cried buckets but it bored me to no end no matter how pretty or handsome the actor or actress were. Sorry, I don’t enjoy romance drama and so skip that.
    My first introduction was the kimchi ramen and the reason I bought was the size of the instant double is double the size of those small instant noodles in the market. It instantly became my favourite way before the Korean wave really became a hit with Malaysian. At time, when I said Korean instant noodles is my favourite, people will look at me as if I am some kind of weirdo but “Now” if I said the opposite everyone will think I am mad.
    Other than that, I don’t really go with their kind of exotic food for beauty which make everyone screamed their heart out looking at the terrifying looking food which is did with my family when I showed it to them.
    Besides instant noodles, I do like their advanced cosmetics and skincare products. They came out with many advanced in cosmetics & skincare products such as BB cream, CC cushion, snail products, hydrogel, lip tints and bicarbonate water skincare line. Some brands such as Missha even came out with their first treatment essence which is the dupe of the SKII but really way cheaper. Many of Korean cosmetics have really cute or beautiful packaging, good qualities and kind to the pocket. So, of course some has become my favourites. It was also the amount of effort that the women there do to really take care of their skin which made me realise that I have not been treating or knowing myself well.
    There is also some interesting videos which I watched online (thanks to internet now) that made me shocked at the sure amount for work that one will go for beauty. Not that I am willing to go that far but it sure looks very painful. There is a facial massage to make one’s face becomes small for a short amount of time but it sure looks super painful.

    • sorry, there is some mistake with the second paragraphs.

      My first introduction was the kimchi ramen and the reason I bought was the size of the instant noodles which is double the size of those small instant noodles in the market.

  3. I have not been to Korea myself, but if not for the hardworking Koreans, we would not have global brands like Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG …. and the list goes on! These brands have really put Korea on the world map and they have made our lives so much better!

  4. Now Korea was a familiar country for all especially Korea drama fans, Kpop fans, travel kaki and food lover! What I like the most is Korean food, ranging from bibimbap, Korean bbq, korean junk food, and etc. Since I’m a tea lover, the one I would like to emphasize is corn silk tea from Korea. The frangance of tea is very nice and it can promote some health benefit. Those who having high blood pressure can drink it to lower high blood pressure. So I will say no harm trying this herbal infusion tea!

  5. Korea! This is a place where most of my unforgettable memories lie! I stayed in this beautiful country for a month when I was 21 and she really amazed me with her cultures, food and policy. Instead of K-pop and K-beauty, I like Korea the most in term of their culture. Koreans are really well-educated and well-mannered that everyone I met there is really friendly and helpful. There was a time that I lost my way and I approached to 2 Korean girls for direction. Instead of merely giving me the direction to my destination, they actually accompanied me and brought me all the way to the place! That took us around 20 min and I can see that they were really happy and willing to help. This incident really impressed me a lot.

    Also, Koreans always line up systematically, for subway, for bus or for food. There’re many people taking subway but there isn’t any pushing while getting into the train. They are very civilized that they will wait for the people to get out from the train. (If you have taken a ride of LRT or KTM in Malaysia then you will know what I mean) Besides, nobody will take the seats specially reserved for the needy group. Only those really in need will take the seats. I really respect the Koreans a lot for that.

    In addition, restaurant owners and shop owners are very hospitable and amiable too. They will make sure that you leave their shops with happy face. Restaurant owners are especially generous that I was offered with free drinks and free snacks for multiple times during my stay in Korea. They are not calculative and they will always make sure that you have enough banchan in your plates to the extend that I have to ask them to stop refilling the side dishes. This is not going to happen in any restaurant in Malaysia!

    In general, I really like Korea for their culture, something that I can’t really find in Malaysia.

  6. I miss Jeju island and Seoraksan so so much! Beautiful scenery! I’m really impressed at how Korean authorities preserve and protect their natural environments. As for food, I’m a hardcore fan of kimchii and anything to do with kimchii. Bibimbap is my fave too! Simple and tasty. Most unforgettable moment in Korea, nearly went mad in Myeongdong with overwhelming number of beauty brands. Indecisiveness and lack of time made me ran back and forth the streets in attempt to grab everything in the list.