The History Of Whoo Launch



The History Of Whoo held its official launch yesterday afternoon and gave media and invited guests an insight into the brand as well as the bestselling products. I have been asked who exactly is “Whoo”. “Whoo” is a Queen or an Empress. The History of Whoo is a high-end premium Korean skincare and make-up brand offering products to cater to all skin types.

What makes The History of Whoo special and unique is “GongJinDan”, the 800 year old secret method made for the Emperor by Wi in Yuan Dynasty which works by ‘SooSeungHwaGang’ controlling the heat, ‘GiHyeolSoonHwan’ facilitating the flow of energy and blood and ‘YinYangJoHwa’ balancing Yin & Yang to prevent all kind of illnesses.


While some may see similarities between The History of Whoo and that other renowned premium Korean beauty brand Sulwhasoo as Sulwhasoo also uses Oriental herbs like Ginseng, the difference between the two is that The History of Whoo uses “GongJinDan” an other methods from the Korean royal family and imports some ingredients. While Sulwhasoo ha a calm, quiet, serene and classical image, The History of Whoo has a royal and high end image.

As of 2014, The History of Whoo has 74 skincare SKU and 40 makeup SKU. Available in the following countries – USA, Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.