Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox



Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, it has been said that eighty thousand toxic chemicals have been released into our environment. It is probable that we would have been exposed to 2.5 billion pounds of toxic chemicals each year from environmental pollutants, processed food, drugs and alcohol etc. Therefore, imagine when a skincare product is developed to assist the detoxification process of the skin followed by the regulation and revitalization of the natural cellular processes, could it possibly be the renaissance of youthfulness for mature skin?

The Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox range approaches skin renaissance with a formulation of ingredients that detoxifies and promotes skin renewal. The scientific background of the new Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox range is based on an important discovery that won the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry – the process in the breaking down of proteins which builds up all living things.

Based on the understanding of how the cells breakdown with proteins degradation and DNA repair, the Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox range is researched and developed to act on detoxifying and banishing degenerative proteins (proteasomes) towards better stress resistance of the skin, a deceleration of cellular skin aging and improved skin renewal. The formulation also strengthens the anti-oxidation of the protection system, strengthens protection from toxin absorption on the skin and promotes moisture level with hydrating protecting film.

The active ingredients of the Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox range include Olive leaf extract, Jujube extract (Chinese dates), Iris extract, Zinc salt, Levan (similar to hyaluronic acid) and a cocktail of herbal plants (Ginger, Cinnamon and Great Burnet).

Olive leaf extract, the Jujube extract (Chinese dates) and the Iris extract ensure toxins in the skins are identified, counteracted and ensued with a purified complexion. Impurities of the skin are counteracted on 3 levels – extreme seborrhea, hornification dysfunctions and bacterial imbalance. A profound improvement of effectiveness is achieved with the combination of anti-inflammatory agents, zinc salt and vitamin A palmitate, which have a regulating effect on the exfoliation of dead horn cells.

In order to meet the requirements of a demanding skin at the same time, an active agent mix of highly purified plant agents is added to the formula to react actively on various levels against the pre-aging (in- and outside). The detoxification of the skin from the inside heralds the release of damaging waste and improves the regulation or revitalization of the natural processes.


The innovative products that can be found in the Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox range include the Pure Complexion Concentrate (Serum Teint Pur) – a concentration of active ingredients that detoxifies, clarifies and stimulates regenerative processes of the skin for a visibly younger looking complexion; the Perfecting Detox Mask (Masque Detoxifiant) – a detoxifying and soothing cream mask with natural minerals to give a smooth and even complexion; the Perfecting 24H Detox Cream (Crème Detoxifiante) – an intensive 24-hour cream with a light mineral sun protection to strengthen the skin’s protection against the daily assaults of toxins and boost the natural regeneration process; and the Gel Anti-Spot – the film forming gel which improves sebum metabolism and subsides impurities for an instant fix on problem spots.

The Pure Complexion Concentrate is retailed at RM258 (20ml), Perfecting Detox Mask at RM178 (50ml), Perfecting 24H Detox Cream at RM208 (50ml) and the Gel Anti-Spot at RM168 (15ml).

The Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox products are available at over 40 beauty salons nationwide. For more information, log on  or contact Cheerful Beauteepro at 03-2141 9928/9037 or email: