Tanamera Spa Treatments & Tanamera Day


A few days ago, I was invited to try out Tanamera Wellness Spa Centre at Sooka Sentral’s massage and facial services. Sooka Sentral isn’t my favourite mall by a mile (and then some!) but the Tanamera Wellness Spa Centre outlet was the most convenient location for me.

However, stepping into the calm and serene ambience of Tanamera Wellness Spa Centre at 1pm, I wouldn’t imagine myself being in the hustle and bustle of Sooka Sentral and if you have ever been there during lunch time, you will know what I mean. After lunch time, it’s all very quiet to the extent that you can probably hear a pin drop at the food court.

Tanamera Wellness Spa Centre has a spa menu detailing each service offered. I had an option between the hour-long Holistic Massage or the Traditional Malay Massage. My therapist recommended the former as she said it’d be more comfortable. The latter massage entails lying on a mattress on the floor and combines stretching, stepping, long kneading strokes and pressure.

Cool, I’d take whatever was recommended since I was game for anything. I was checking out the array of essential oils of which there are 5 options:-

  • Herbal for relieving stress.
  • Ginger for relieving wind.
  • Coconut for dry and sensitive skins.
  • Basil for relieving migraines and colds.
  • Green Coffee for anti-cellulite and anti-aging.

Basil and Green Coffee were my least favourite scents and too mild for my taste while Ginger was too common. That left only Herbal and Coconut. While I was leaning towards Coconut, the therapist mentioned that the Herbal Essential Oil would give a warming effect when massaged on skin. Sold! Definitely my kind of essential oil. Besides, I’d never had Herbal Essential Oil used on me before and this one was kind of comforting.

The part of my body that needed the most attention was my shoulder and back. Well, I have been leaning towards the laptop for hours everyday so that kind of posture can really be detrimental to the muscles there. I liked that the therapist applied the right amount of pressure. I have been to massage sessions where enjoyable and relaxing as the massage was, the therapist applied too much pressure resulting in aches after the session but this was not the case at Tanamera.

It turned out that my choice of Herbal Essential Oil was the right one as I felt pleasantly warm throughout the session and the smell of herbs was fantastic. It had such a perfect blend of herbs that I was sorely tempted to bring a bottle home but scent is subjective and others may not like the scent of traditional herbs.

After my thoroughly invigorating massage, it was straight to the half-hour sampler facial in the same room. After cleansing, the Sengkuang Scrub was applied. It’s rather messy to have this scrub applied on you when you are in a horizontal position as bits of the scrub got into my lips, ears and hair. Although I like the scrub, I have to say it isn’t the most practical for usage during a facial.

Coconut oil was used to massage my face followed by a tightening mask and that was it. It was just to sample Tanamera’s skincare, all of which are available at Tanamera outlets and their Spa Centres.

The Holistic and Traditional Malay Massage are RM120 while the Sampler Facial is RM50. For more information, please call 03-2785 1815 or email them at tanamerasooka@gmail.com

Tanamera is having their Open Day at Central Market this Sunday, please see below for details.