Such A Treat For Eyes


Where contests and lucky draws are concerned, I don’t consider myself lucky at all because I can count on just 1 hand the number of times I’ve won something. One of those rarer than the sighting of a dodo moments was when I won this set of Suisse Programme Gigawhite Collagex Absolute Eye Care System (the name’s so long that it’d take my failing memory a few hours to memorise) at a Sasa event a few months ago.

All I know about Suisse Programme so far is that the price of their skincare isn’t friendly to my bank account and that their products are made in Switzerland. The box contains a 60ml bottle of Eye Activator, 10 pairs of eye pads (each pair is individually sealed) & a 15ml bottle of Radiant Eye Complex (serum).

Just looking at the contents told me this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill eye treatment set. This is a 2-step system that promises the most comprehensive whitening and revitalising eye care treatment. It’s for soothing and refreshing the skin, improving skin tissue firmness and elasticity, correcting unevenness and pigmentation.

To begin the treatment, I open up a sachet of eye pads, pump out a few drops of Gigawhite Eye Activator on to each eye pad, enough for the pads to be nicely saturated, the Eye Activator spreads very well right to the sides of the pads. Then I place each pad on my under-eye area for about half an hour although recommended time is 15-20 minutes but since they don’t irritate my eyes and feel so soothing and cool, I leave them on for an extra 10 minutes.


I can’t begin to describe how good it feels with the eye pads on. I don’t put the bottle of Eye Activator in the fridge yet it feels so refreshing and rejuvenating, as if I am having a facial. These are the best eye pads I’ve used because after I’ve taken them off, I can see a smoothing of fine lines and eye puffiness has reduced. It’s an instant remedy for dark circles too.

This is followed by application of the Eye Complex which has a smooth and light texture. It’s best applied by tapping gently over the entire eye contour zone and massaging on the eyelids. Of course the Eye Complex can be used everyday regardless of whether one is using the eye pads.

If it wasn’t because of the prohibitive price of RM780 (Holy Moly!), I’d get this set every time I’ve run out of Eye Activator and eye pads. It’s fabulous but I guess my only hope of getting another set is by winning it at another lucky draw. To get that lucky, I guess I’ve got to wait for another sighting of the dodo.