When The Soft Approach Doesn’t Work Drastic Measures Have To Be Taken


untitledThere are often social messages on the radio about being considerate towards your neighbours. That includes anti-social actions such as not being loud as to disturb your neighbours peace and quiet especially when they are sleeping. That means not having your dogs bark before the sun comes up. When my (now horrible) neighbours moved in a few months ago and brought their two yappy poodles, I knew I was in trouble. My pin-drop silence street would never be the same again.

Initially they acceded to our request to keep the dogs quiet by moving them to the back section of the house. Fast track a few months later and the dogs are running riot around their garden with their annoying tinkling bells (as if Santa Claus is in town) and I will be jolted from sleep any time from midnight to 6am.

barking-dogsThis morning at 550am, they were barking again and at first I let it go but then second round and I wasn’t about to let it go. These neighbours needed a lesson in showing some consideration towards their neighbours so I told them as loudly as I could to put their dogs at the back and that they are unfit dog owners. I think that drastic action worked effectively as there was quiet after that and the dogs had indeed been moved to the back.

No one likes being thought of as being nasty but there is only so much noise I can take. I don’t have to be assaulted with daily barking at any time of night (or day for that matter) and I certainly don’t have to tolerate it. Within a few minutes of my request for the dogs to be moved, one of the occupants had made a run for it. Normally she leaves the house after 7am but at 606am, she’s sped off in her BMW X3.