Soap & Glory Holiday Gift Sets Are Irresistibly Irresistible


For the holiday season, Soap & Glory gift sets are available at Sephora already. There’s so much pink in one corner of Sephora outlets as that’s the signature colour of the brand. The gift sets include many firm favourites and cult classics. They come in containers and bags which don’t really need gift-wrapping. Just tie a ribbon or a bow over them and they’re ready to be gifted.

‘You’ Cube™ RM69

‘You’ Cube™ comes in a pink and silver cardboard box with a pink interior. Contained within are 50ml travel sizes of HAND FOOD™ Hydrating Hand Cream, THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Body Moisturiser, FLAKE AWAY™ Body Polish and CLEAN ON ME™ Creamy Moisture Shower Gel.

Out of the 4, I finished the Body Polish the fastest (within 4 days) as one would tend to use up more of a body scrub than hand and body lotions or even shower gels. FLAKE AWAY™ has a finer texture than The Breakfast Scrub. Although the scent of FLAKE AWAY™ is pretty good, I prefer the stronger scent of The Breakfast Scrub.

I have been using CLEAN ON ME™ for almost a week now. It doesn’t have a strong scent and after my shower, I don’t smell it on my skin or in the bathroom. It produces a decent amount of lather when I pour it on to a bath sponge (which is included in this set) but I don’t find it to be a thick lather.

THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ is a product I like very much as it helps me relax. I apply some on my arms before I go to sleep. It isn’t too thick and it absorbs readily into my skin. It’s an excellent body moisturiser as it feels luxurious and prevents my skin from getting dry.

HAND FOOD™ has a milder scent than THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™. I like the size of this hand cream as I can bring it along even in the smallest of my handbags. I use it whenever and wherever. I wouldn’t mind getting this again once it runs out. All four items are sold individually at Sephora at RM17 each.

Peace Hand Love™ RM45

This product duo features the scented WASH YOUR HANDS OF IT™ soft liquid hand soap and HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream, in a classically shaped sink-side metal rack.

Yum At Heart™ RM115


A collectable cookie tin filled with Soap & Glory’s bestselling maple-scented BREAKFAST SCRUB™ Sugar Body Smoother and HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream and a pretty, practical Soap & Glory print apron as seen above on their lovely Brand Manager, Marie Drago.

Do A Bubble Take™ RM119

This set has everything you need for haircare and bodycare, best of all the products come with the must-have washable, collapsible travel bag. Products are:-

  • CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel
  • GLAD HAIR DAY™ Shampoo
  • HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream
  • FLAKE AWAY™ Body Polish
  • GIRLIGO™ Moisturizing Mist
  • Shower Puff

Not Just Another Pretty Case!™ RM199

Stuffed with four original Soap & Glory formulas:-

  • CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel
  • FLAKE AWAY™ Body Polish
  • GLAD HAIR DAY™ Shampoo
  • Travel-sized hair brush

I want the case so I can stuff all my toiletries in it. Only thing missing in this set is a little hand mirror so Marie, if you’re reading this, please include a mirror in your next sets, that’d be so cool! The brush and case are definitely collectable items.

Note : ‘You’ Cube™ Set was provided by PR for review.