Shu Uemura’s New Whitefficient Range


March is definitely all about whitening skincare and even cosmetics. Every brand has jumped on the whitening bandwagon and we consumers are spoilt for choice. Which is the best in terms of both quality and price?

Shu Uemura, not to be left out, has phased out some of their white recovery EX+ products and introduced the Whitefficient range, just available at their counters and boutiques starting this week.

The brightening cleansing oil advanced formula is still white recovery EX+. There are 5 products in the Whitefficient range, namely:-

(a) Whitening Lotion 150ml/RM145- a dual purpose whitening and hydrating lotion that helps remove melanin containing dead skin cells.

(b) Intense Whitening Essence 30ml/RM240-an intensive whitening essence that limits melanin production and evens out skin tone.

(c) Whitening Emulsion 75ml/RM220-a whitening emulsion that enrobes the skin with intense moisture. The emulsion is recommended for day use as it has a lighter texture.

(d) Whitening Cream 50ml/RM220-a whitening cream with a fluid yet rich texture that veils the skin with long-lasting moisture. The cream is recommended for night use as it has a richer texture than the emulsion. The cream comes with a spatula.

(e) Pen 56 Instant Spot Brightener 4ml/RM150-an instant spot brightener with instant and progressive brightening power. Apply the brush at the end of the skincare routine, on brown spots, or where skin is dull. It evens out skin tone.

The Shu Uemura Boutique in One Utama is currently having a Whitefficient promotion till 6th March. If you purchase the Pen 56 together with the essence and emulsion/cream, you’ll get 20% off the essence and 30% off the emulsion/cream.

Customers who spend above RM350 will be given a complimentary facial and a 7 piece whitening travel set worth RM237. Purchases above RM150 will entitle customers to a Haagen Dazs ice-cream treat.