Sephora Chic Guimauve Body Lotion


For this holiday season, Sephora has a special range called “Chic Guimauve”, there’s hand wash, body lotion, bubble bath and body scrub. Colours on the bottles are predominantly black and white with a vertical or horizontal pink band. Minimalistic chic, I’d say.

The scent of Chic Guimauve products is sweet, kind of like being in a candy store. It’s not the sort of sweet scent which gives me a headache though, if you know what I mean. Some sweet scents can be a bit too much but I think they’ve got it right with Chic Guimauve.

Sephora Chic Guimauve Body Lotion is pale pink with a light texture. It’s not at all sticky and leaves skin smelling of all things sweet. I am aware that not everyone’s a fan of sweet scents but if you are, then you might just want to check out Sephora’s Chic Guimauve range of bodycare products.

Sephora Chic Guimauve Body Lotion retails at RM29/190ml.

Product has been provided by Sephora for review.