Selection Of 7 Signature Tapas At The Lobby Lounge Renaissance Kuala Lumpur


DSCN0681(1)We are very lucky to have easy access to all kinds of cuisines and although I am very fond of local cuisines, it’s nice to be able to sample some cuisine from far flung corners of the world such as Spanish inspired cuisine. Yes, I am referring to tapas which is great for evenings, especially when hanging out with friends.

Sous Chef Pablo Crespo has created a selection of 7 signature tapas at The Lobby Lounge Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. Chef Pablo’s imaginative use of fresh ingredients and recipes that are easy has led to the creation of enticing cold tapas such as Smoked salmon carpaccio with avocado cubes. This enticing dish is drizzled with lemon-cilantro vinaigrette for the extra zing while pine nuts give the carpaccio its crunchy bite and avocado cubes are added to achieve a perfect balance.




The other cold tapas on the menu is Cod tartar with avocado and chili oil which is inspired by his observation that Malaysians really enjoy cod and spicy food. By using the age-old Peruvian technique of curing fish meat with citrus, Chef Pablo retains the freshness of the cod. The chili oil drizzled on the dish is the excess oil from our indigenous spicy sambal. The cod tartar is my absolute favourite as the chili oil really adds some zing and I had quite a few of these, superb and a must-have!

Meanwhile, the flavorful hot tapas choices are Roasted bell peppers with capers and anchovies, Chicken tacos with chili chipotle sauce, Smoked chicken wrap with cheese, jalapeno and avocado, Corn fritters with tomato-chili sauce and Beef croquettes with dijon mustard sauce.

The selection of 7 signature tapas is available from 12.00pm to 10.00pm daily and prices start from RM18 nett (inclusive of 10% service tax & 6% GST. To discover more, -please call 03 2716 9388 or email