Launch Of Favful, Virtual Beauty Advisory Platform



Looking to revolutionise the way we research and consume beauty products, Favful – Southeast Asia’s latest beauty and tech startup – is a one-stop beauty platform designed to empower women by helping them make discerning beauty choices amidst the clutter of exaggerated advertising, fast paced lifestyles, and being too spoilt for choice with a plethora of beauty brands and products on the market.

We live in a world where people are moving away from printed resources, as the world wide web becomes everyone’s preferred library. Fewer and fewer consumers make purchase decisions without first researching online; everything from hotel stays to electronics, consumers are referring to review sites first to know what fellow users have to say before deciding to spend money on a product or service – always looking to get the best value for their money.

“Women waste an average of 5,846 beauty products in their lifetime, and majority use only 10% of the beauty products they buy due to insufficient information that doesn’t cater to the individual’s conditions. Clearly there is still a gap in the beauty industry regarding the delivery of information. That is why at Favful we are passionate about pairing beauty needs with the convenience of accessible technology, not just to help beauty brands reach the right customers, but more importantly to empower consumers in making the right decisions,” said Sasha Tan, Founder of Favful at the launch event.

First-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia and established in November 2015, Favful is an interactive platform designed to be a virtual beauty advisory platform. Recently backed by Segnel and 500 Startups – a global movement and startup accelerator with presence in over 50 countries – Favful aims to be exciting addition to not just the Malaysian tech startup scene, but also the beauty industry.

Accessed either via the main website or the app, Favful anticipates that its users will consist mainly of women between the ages of 18 to 34, residing in major cities where they would be exposed and have access to beauty advertising, stores, and counters. “Media influences along with the sheer volume of beauty products on the market and how expensive makeup and skincare products can be, could easily overwhelm any consumer. We believe our app will attract users residing mainly in urban areas who would possess both consumer discernment as well as spending power,” added Sasha.

Favful’s goal is to empower women on making informed purchases on beauty products. A comprehensive website and app in the vein of Tripadvisor that provides analysed information necessary for beauty purchases, and will allow consumers, makeup artists and peer-beauty enthusiasts to offer their opinions for smarter selections on purchasing products.

In navigating the beauty labyrinth of brands and countless products, Favful will cover it all including skincare and makeup. With content curated ‘for beauty-lovers, by beauty-lovers’, Favful users will enjoy a number of features including:

Helping you to find the best deals thr0ugh Price Comparison from different merchants

Reviews and Ratings Analysis about the product based on a user’s skin type and age group

Easy barcode scanning to get comprehensive information on beauty products on the go

Necessary beauty information like tips, ingredients and tutorial videos all in one page

With these features, Favful users will be able to make informed beauty purchases even while on the go. In addition, users can look forward to giveaways, as well as the opportunity to get rewarded with points and freebies for contributing to the Favful community.

To begin on your journey towards revolutionizing your beauty world, visit, search for the app on the Google Play Store (currently available on Androidpowered devices), drop Favful a note at and follow @favful on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.