Secret Nature From Jeju Peeling Gel


dsc_3252After trying the Secret Nature From Jeju Serum, Cream and Emulsion, I am beginning to like their products. Secret Nature From Jeju Peeling Gel is a deep cleansing facial peeling gel formulated with Activated Cellulose & Volcanic Clay that penetrates deep into pores. It helps gently yet effectively slough away old dead cells & skin waste without stimulation. Blended with Jeju complex & vegetable extracts, it unveils a softer, smoother, clearer & more radiant complexion.

dsc_3469When I squeezed out a small amount from the tube, it didn’t look like your typical exfoliator. This one doesn’t contain any scrub granules. It feels creamy and I applied it like a mask. I have no idea how long it should be left on skin. I left it on for at least a minute and then rinsed. Yes, definitely a more smooth, clear and clarified complexion was unveiled. Thumbs up for this Secret Nature skincare.