Sasa Sheet Masks Promotion (More Masks!)



 L to R – Sasatinnie Red Wine Moisturizing & Rejuvenating Mask, Combos Skin Rose Moisturising Mask,  Sasatinnie Snake Revitalizing Face Mask, Sasatinnie Snail Rejuvenating Face Mask

How to resist Sasa’s sheet mask promotion again? The 2nd time round, I scooped up these 4 sheet masks as I wanted to try the Sasatinnie Snail and Snake Face Masks. All the masks are made in Korea. Korea has to be the No. 1 sheet masks producer in the world.

There wasn’t as much scent in the Snail and Snake Face Masks as the Red Wine and Rose Masks. The one which was most hydrating (left it on for about an hour) was the Rose Moisturising Mask. None of them had the flap for the ears or to cover the neck.

There is a difference between the Snail and Snake Masks as I could leave the Snail Mask on my face longer than the Snake Mask which began to dry up within half an hour. My favourite masks of the 4 are the Red Wine and Rose Masks as these 2 are more hydrating than the other 2, maybe because the Red Wine and Rose Masks have 22g of essence while the other 2 have 20g each.