RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips


Now and then, beauty brands come up with dual-ended lip products. RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips combines the matte lip crayon with a semi-transparent lip gloss. The creamy texture of the crayons fits and glides on your lips for vibrant coloration while the glossy gloss perfects your juicy pout.

The 5 seasonal limited edition shades are:-

RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips 0101 Cherry Red

RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips 02

02 Deep Pink

RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips 03

03 Nude Beige

RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips 0404 Coral Beige

RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips 0505 Coral Orange

I have one of these RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips worth RM130 to give away here AND a Kaleidoscope Cheeks worth RM110 so the prizes for this giveaway are worth a total of RM240. I will not mention which shade of products as I’d like to keep it a surprise for the winner who might (not compulsory) like to share a photo of it on Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook.

If you would like to try these products, please leave a comment on workshops. I’ve been to a number of paid and complimentary workshops and find that some of them were useful while some of them could have been better. Do you prefer skincare or makeup workshops, have you been to any that were particularly memorable, how much (maximum) would you pay for a workshop?

Terms & conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & open to those with local and overseas addresses.

2. Giveaway ends at 11.59pm Thursday 5th June 2014.                     .

3. Winner will be contacted via email once results are announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Many thanks to all who participated. The winner of this Giveaway is:-

Selennaa Tee


  1. Thanks for the marvelous giftaway again. You are really generous in your giveaway.

    I like skincare but I prefer makeup workshop because the trends in makeup move much faster than skincare. Besides, makeup is just like arts. One may have the talent but it can be improve by going for workshops where we are expose to so many more ways to do makeup. Our face as canvas, while different types of brushes, infinite colours and texture to create different looks. Yes, different technique too =)
    We can go for so many makeup workshop and yet find that we need more. hahahaha.

    As for how much do I would pay for a workshop? It depend on the brands as well as the goody bag (sorry for the cheapo in me). I mean a workshop for a drugstore brands shouldn’t demand RM100 for a RM150 goody bag as many would think that is not worth it.

    On the other hand, counter brands could demand with a goody bag that is worth the money they pay for. Tiny samples or deluxe size products in the goody bag is a ‘NO’ because most would think why do they need to waste money or samples products when they can just buy those from online websites.

    I have been to a workshop but it is not under brands but the products supplied to us could have been better. We only learn those technique by watching how the makeup artist do it. It could have been better.

    Sorry for being so long winded about it.

  2. Oh today’s topic is workshop~ I have never attended any workshop before but I know there are more and more workshops going on almost every weekend in the town, either by counter brands or drugstore brands. Speaking of workshop, the first thing that comes into my mind is “I’m going to learn something from it”. Yeah, some people attend workshop to get their goodies bags while some people attend workshops because they’re invited by the PR. To me, if there is a workshop that I want to attend then that means there’s something that I really want to learn from the makeup artist or from the brand itself. Makeup workshop sounds more attractive to me because I believe that the makeup artist can definitely improve my knowledge and skills on make up through the workshop. There are many skills and techniques in make up and I’m not very good at it, therefore a workshop will be a good way for me to learn more.

    How much I will pay for a workshop? It totally depends on the brand and the makeup artist but my upper limit will be RM 200. ^^

    Thanks for the generous giveaway gain Juniper Journal!

  3. I prefer makeup workshops over skincare workshops as I personally feel that I need to upgrade my makeup skills with the right tools. I am willing to pay up to rm50 for basic classes and up to rm150 for pro makeup classes. However I will also look at the company which is offering the makeup workshop. No offense, but I personally prefer international recognized brands/companies.

    I would like to share my experience attending a beginners makeup workshop many many years ago through groupon introduced by a friend. It was suppose to cost rm200 without groupon. The workshop itself starts with the instructor asking for a volunteer. The lucky girl will sit in front and model the 10 basic steps as executed by the instructor. Afterwards, everybody will perform the 10 steps in their own faces (the model will just have to match the done half of her face) using their own brushes and makeup. Afterwards, we were taught how to intensify our daytime look to make it more dramatic as an evening look. It’s basically just darkening your eyeshadows and lips. The instructor later did go around and show each girl how to do the eyebrow, which is the one common weak spot most of us mentioned when asked. However the whole class was interrupted when a group of girls joined halfway through the session! They were in full and beautiful makeup! Not only did this group of girls giggled occasionally throughout the workshop, they even hoarded the shiseido eyeshadow testers which were passed around by the instructor for our practice. The workshop went downhill after this, as the girls started asking advance makeup questions which we beginners have no idea of! Me and the other participants were already fuming by the end of the whole session as the second half was mostly catering to questions by this group of girls. At the end of the session before leaving, the company’s staff started to push sales of no brand makeup palettes to us and telling us what a loss it is if we don’t purchase them. Is watched the testers and the colours were all powdery and hardly any pigmentation and the brushes have scratchy bristles. It was the first and last workshop I attended. However this was partially my fault as this workshop was organized by a no name company.

  4. Dear Juniper Journal,

    I prefer makeup workshops . I actually have 3 main reasons for attending the makeup workshop.

    One, I was really planning to buy a set of makeup brushes. When I decided to go, I thought of grabbing their workshop deal. They are offering workshop packages, which includes their brush sets. Prices vary depending on the makeup brush set included. In my case, I paid RM110, which includes the 16-pc brush set. I just have to add RM50, so why not grab it, right?

    Two, I wanted to learn more about eye makeup application. I sort of know the basics through some tutoring given to me by my friends. I just thought I need to learn more about eye makeup because I believe it’s the hardest to apply. For me, it’s where I can really use my creativity. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but eye makeup is usually the first thing I notice when a person is fully madeup. Well, aside from the evenness of the foundation, I tend to gauge the makeup artist’s skills through the eye makeup. This makes me eager to learn more and more about eye makeup.

    Three, I must say that I learnt a whole lot and I was so glad I was there. It was very educational and easy to understand. They can directly amend which step i did wrong. I also loved the ease with which the look was achieved.

    How much I will pay for a workshop? Ermm…may be around RM200-300.