Respite From A Rainy Day At Sabelle Spa


Although I have tried more spa massages than I can count, I have not tried that many in the city centre as I find it rather inconvenient to have to find parking. Okay, there is parking but not cheap parking especially on weekdays. Besides, as anyone who doesn’t work in the city centre knows, it can be a real pain getting there most days.

So why did I purchase the Sabelle Spa deal on mydeal? Well, the location was just 3-5 minutes walk from KLCC where all roads lead to so there shouldn’t be a problem getting there even though I only had a vague idea of its exact location. Never mind, I was unlikely to lose my way since Crown Regency Serviced Suites is located along a notoriously congested road.

Sabelle opens at 12pm which is late by my reckoning, I would have preferred an earlier appointment but 12pm it had to be. On a gloomy, drizzly day, I was there before 12pm and the place wasn’t open yet so I waited downstairs at the lobby. The spa must be a popular place among the many guest of the Serviced Suites, how convenient for them as it was just a few floors down from their rooms.

I have to hand it to Sabelle Spa for their staff’s punctuality. I was up there again a minute after 12pm and the place was open. No filling up of unnecessary forms and no small talk before being asked to wait while the therapist prepared the room.

Surprisingly, the room I was ushered into was much more spacious than I expected. Always nice when something exceeds your expectations. Yes, there was disposable underwear and a shower cap unlike Oriental Spa where the Spartans would have felt at home.

My session began with a lavender scrub being applied to my back. The therapist wiped off the scrub with a wet towel afterwards. The massage was good with the right amount of pressure being applied. The massage oil was lemongrass (they only have one type of oil from my favourite local spa product brand, thumbs up for Tanamera).

After the massage, the therapist asked me whether I wanted my eye makeup removed or left on for the brightening eye treatment. What’s the point of having cream applied on top of eyeshadow, right? I asked for the eyeshadow to be removed and she just used a wet cloth to wipe off so not all came off.

An eye cream was applied and the therapist massaged around my eyes thrice. That was a nice way to end the session although I had to rush off to MAC Cosmetics to get eyeshadow re-applied. There are 6 rooms at Sabelle and my therapist is a local lady from Pahang. I think they really deserve their good business, while I was there the phone was ringing off the hook.