Quill City Mall KL Launches “Rasa Sayang” Merdeka Celebration



From today to 17 September, Quill City Mall KL, in partnership with Kakiseni, celebrate 60 years of Malaysia with delicious food, interactive exhibitions and performances for its “Rasa Sayang” Merdeka celebrations. Sourced from every corner of Malaysia and served at Quill City Mall KL – there are pop-up stalls (warungs) with 60 types of Malaysian food.

Featuring a host of events and activities, the Rasa Sayang experience comes in three unique ‘flavours’ for visitors to enjoy, including #makankita, #sejarahkita and #tempatkita. At pop-up warungs with hip designs around the mall, old school hawkers and cooks serve up a dizzying array of Malaysian cuisine including Kelantanese food, Sarawak laksa, halal dim sum, pasembur and a mouthwatering selection of kuih. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be pleasantly surprised by unique desserts with fanciful names such as air jagung heaven, gelato durian D24 and onde-onde cupcakes.

Interesting redemptions are in-store for all shoppers, every shopper can enjoy a can of Oishi or 100PLUS for free with a minimum purchase of RM10 from any vendor at #WarungKita.


Those who fancy themselves masters of the kitchen can participate in ‘Cook for Malaysia’. Speed, skill and ability are the name of the game. Win up to RM8,000 in shopping vouchers. For details on how to enter the ‘Cook for Malaysia’ competition, email chefmakankita@kakiseni.com before 4 September 2017.

Rasa Sayang continues with #sejarahkita, a storytelling project by Niki Cheong that includes photos, videos and texts that altogether make up our nation’s collective history. #Sejarahkita is the continuation of five years of Niki’s storytelling projects organised – in collaboration with Kakiseni – in conjunction with Malaysia Day and Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Your Rasa Sayang experience at Quill City Mall KL wouldn’t be complete without catching one of the #tempatkita shows including a monologue session by Asia’s Next Top Model Alicia Amin, directed by Nour Amir and produced by Shufitri Shukardi as well as a spoken-word, immersive-theatre experience called ‘Malaysia Throws Herself a Birthday Party’ presented by spoken word movement Speak City Asia in collaboration with local theatre company, theatrethreesixty.

For more information, visit http://www.quillcitymall.com.my