Q & A With Hong Kong Makeup Artist, Jess Yung



Jess Yung has worked with numerous renowned international cosmetic brands as makeup artist and training expert. He has 8-9 years in the industry and in 2012, he set up a makeup academy in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. He will soon be relocating to bigger premises in Tsuen Wan. Jess was present at the launch of Burt’s Bees new lip colours yesterday and after his makeup demo, I had an opportunity to talk to him about the Burt’s Bees lip colours and ask him for some makeup tips. The interview was conducted mainly in Cantonese so I do hope nothing was lost in translation!

How would you advise a customer on which Burt’s Bees lip product to choose given that there are 4 ranges?

It depends on whether someone wants a natural or shimmer effect. The Tinted Lip Balm provides the most natural effect while the Lip Gloss would give the strongest and sharpest effect with highest coverage. Lip Shine gives a natural polished effect.

You have worked with so many makeup brands in your career. What marks the difference between other brands’ lip products and Burt’s Bees?

That Burt’s Bees lip products contain natural pigments without synthetic elements.

What lip shades are most popular among your clients and Asian women in general?

Pink is the most popular. Browns are the least popular as they don’t show up much on lips.

Do lip colours necessarily have to complement one’s eyeshadow colours?

No, they don’t but lip colours should match your blush so for example, go with a pink lip shade if you are using pink blush and more orange shades if you are wearing a bronzer.


What is the most common misconception about oil-free products?

Don’t use oil-free products unless your skin has acne or your skin is very oily. Oil-free products tend to dry up your skin and are really not suitable for humid climates.

How does one make foundation and makeup stay on all day in humid weather?

Blot with tissue and then use a fixing spray.

Do you think that women here have a tendency to use too much powder?

Yes,  there are a lot of instances where women have too thick a layer of powder. It’s actually best to use liquid foundation.

How do I keep my eyeliner/mascara from staying put and not smudging?

Apply a layer of eyeshadow or primer to eliminate excess sebum before applying the products.