The Penthouse War In Life Season 1 Ends Leaving Viewers Guessing What’s In Store In Season 2


penthouseIt’s such a pity “The Penthouse War In Life” Season had to come to an end because it’s my highlight drama of the week. I think dramas about the super rich or should I say filthy rich always capture our attention and in this drama, the majority of the characters are in that league. They bully those lower in status and get away with it too.

The last episode was particularly riveting as Shim Su Ryeon, mother of the deceased Min Seol Ah is murdered in cold blood by her estranged husband, Joo Dan Tae with the help of the power crazy Cheon Seo Jin with whom he is having an affair. Joo Dan Tae frames Oh Yoon Hee for the murder as she is lured to the penthouse only to find a knife stuck in Shim Su Ryeon’s back and she is an easy scapegoat as it’s the same knife from her kitchen which she disposed of earlier.

There is no comeuppance for Joo Dan Tae and his cohorts as they party away after Oh Yoon Hee is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder but as she is transported to jail, she is rescued by Logan Lee who tried his best to avenge Min Seol Ah but failed as he was foiled by Joo Dan Tae. It ends with Oh Yoon Hee grabbing the knife pointed at her neck by Logan Lee and stabbing herself before she lies on the floor with blood gushing from her neck. That’s a great cliff hanger and we will have to wait for Season 2 to find out whether she lives or dies. Cheon Seo Jin is installed as the new mistress of the penthouse, replacing Shim Su Ryeon.