Good Customer Service Always Makes My Day


20190412135333-8%20rules%20for%20good%20customer%20serviceThe main downside about purchasing online is that there is (of course) no face-to-face interaction with the seller so you don’t get immediate answers to any questions you may have about the product. Yesterday I had a lengthy exchange with a seller in China on Shopee regarding my potential order of some bracelets. Shopee used to give us one RM40 free shipping voucher at the beginning of every month but I don’t see it this month and it seems they don’t give it any more as a matter of course.

So I informed the seller of my problem, that I could purchase above RM40 but I would need free shipping. He was really helpful, immediately issued a RM5.20 discount voucher for me to claim so that I would be entitled to free shipping but the problem was I couldn’t use his RM2 discount voucher on top of that free shipping voucher. I have to really praise this seller because he was so quick in replying and his English is good. Many times, I do not even get a reply to my enquiries and most worrying are the sellers who haven’t been active in 3 or 4 days which makes me hesitant to place an order.

In the end, I didn’t place an order with the seller who was very nice and patient because I told him I wanted to use the RM2 store discount voucher so I’d have to wait until (hopefully) one day soon Shopee will give a RM40 free shipping voucher. As of now, I am still waiting for replies from a few sellers overseas who either are active online but don’t reply to me or those who have been inactive for a few days.