Patting In The Goodness Of Melvita’s Extraordinary Waters


melvita patting sponge

There’s a new beauty fad and it’s interesting. I’d never seen anything like it until I attended Melvita’s 30th Anniversary Celebration at Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio. With Melvita’s Extraordinary Waters, you can use them with cotton pads or simply pat them on skin with fingers but there’s apparently a more effective way of ensuring total absorption into skin so that you skin will soak up all the goodness of these Extraordinary Waters.

There are 3 Extraordinary Waters which act as toners but are more than just toners – Orange Blossom for softening and soothing skin, Narcissus for brightening the complexion and Rose for rejuvenating/moisturizing. The patting sponge fad was (or so I was informed) started by a Taiwanese beauty blogger and it helps whatever product you are patting in (I guess it has to be quite liquid) to absorb better.


Before using the patting sponge, soak it in water to soften and squeeze out excess water. Then pour some Extraordinary Water on to the sponge, Extraordinary Waters are not as fluid as the average toner so I have no concern that it’ll spill past the sponge.

Then it’s on to the pat-pat-pat process for 3-5 minutes, you can even tap your face while you are chatting with a friend on the phone or reading a book. It’s all about multi-tasking! It’s actually quite relaxing and I usually pat away while I am watching tv.



My favourite Extraordinary Water to pat with the sponge is the Orange Blossom as I like the scent and it’s not as heavy and thick in consistency as the Rose. The Narcissus is okay but I don’t like the scent as much as the Orange Blossom.

The result after about 5 minutes of tapping is skin feels plumper and firmer. It’s like I’ve got a facial massage. Products that go on afterwards absorb quicker and my skin feels a lot more hydrated than if I’d just used a cotton pad to apply the Extraordinary Water.

I don’t usually say I ♥ any product but I do LOVE my Melvita Patting Sponge and when it wears out, I am absolutely going to get a replacement especially since it doesn’t cost a bomb. It’s available at all Melvita outlets at just RM29,90, can’t get much better than that. To care for the sponge, just wash it with water after each use and leave to air dry.

Products reviewed are press samples.