Online Pet Food Sellers Can Be Quite Different In Speed Of Shipping


img-20200914-wa0011Now that I have bought more than a few batches of cat and dog food online, I have come to the conclusion that the sellers based in KL are far slower in shipping than those outstation and by outstation, I mean Perak as the other online sellers I bought from are based in various Perak towns. When I place an order from a seller in Perak, they ship out the very next day but with sellers in KL, they are so slow, they take 3 or more days to ship out, even after the expected shipping day which really makes me want to cancel the order.

Not sure why the sellers in the city I live in are so procrastinating when it comes to shipping out what should be ready stock. The Perak sellers are way more efficient and not only in shipping, they are also much faster when it comes to responding to any enquiries about their products. The sellers in KL will take hours, if not overnight, before they reply to me.