The Olive Tree Olive Soap


dscn00261The Olive Tree soaps are made in small batches in Australia using pure olive oil and essential oils. These handmade soaps are made using the age old method of cold process which involves the saponification of olive oil and sodium hydroxide (lye). Through this process, the highly prized glycerine (by-product of saponification) which is highly moisturizing is mostly retained on the soap. The Olive Tree soaps come in seven natural scents including Olive Soap. They cater for all skin types from dry, sensitive, oily to normal skin.

The Olive Tree Olive Soap is pale green and feels very gentle. Doesn’t lather much unless I use the bubble net which came with the Maithong Soap.

Olive oil soap has the following benefits:-

  • Closest to skin’s natural oil
  • Hyper moisturizing – cleanses the skin without stripping away essential natural oils as glycerin, an extremely beneficial byproduct of the soap making process is retained.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains antioxidants which fight free radicals and anti-ageing
  • Perfect for sensitive skin types including eczema and psoriasis

For more information on this soap, please visit The Olive Tree website.