Elianto Aqua Power Max Moist Cream


dscn00331I am sure some of you have noticed the Elianto stand-alone concept stores springing up, the most recent one being in MidValley. I think it’s a lot more pleasant shopping there than at their kiosks. Elianto Aqua Power Max Moist Cream is a gel cream which I find very hydrating and nice to use because of the texture, not thick and non-sticky.

Contains Panthenol, Moisturising Natural Factor and Hyaluronic Acid, also Althea Extract and Imprata Cylindrica Root Extract to boost the skin’s barrier function for greater resilience against moisture loss.

Elianto Aqua Power Max Moist Cream retails at RM69.90/50ml. Price is reasonable for this quality.

Product reviewed is a press sample.