NEW Olay Magnemasks And Magnetic Infuser


dsc_4318Olay redefines the standards of skin care with the unveiling of its first-ever premium face mask collection, the Olay Magnemasks and the revolutionary Magnetic Infuser. The natural structure of skin consists of multiple layers including the skin barrier actually limits penetrability. Therefore, widely practised methods by consumers to enhance skin care absorption such as patting or massaging are essentially not as effective, rendering a good portion of their face cream as expensive hand creams instead.

Armed with this insight, Olay beauty scientists studied the power of magnetics and through hours of research and testing unlocked the secret to harnessing the natural repulsion power of magnets to enhance the efficacy of skin care. The end results is the Olay Magnemasks – a collection of overnight jar masks that harnesses the magic of magnets to restore skin’s youthful glow and deliver spa-like rejuvenation in the comfort of your own home.


The Olay Magnemasks collection is formulated across two distinct skin care needs for anti-aging and hydration. The anti-aging range improves skin texture and elasticity while the hydration range delivers moisture-boosting benefits for thirsty skin. Continued usage is the perfect balance between your facial spa visits and will give spa-like rejuvenation experience in the comfort of your own home.


More nourishing than a regular night cream, the overnight jar mask is lightweight with a soft melt-in texture to enhance penetration. The actives-packed formula works in tandem with the Magnetic Infuser to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles overnight leaving skin plump, firm and with improved elasticity so you can wake up to the youthful skin of your dreams.

The overnight jar mask is designed to be part of the everyday skin care regime, delivering up to 12 hours of hydration with each use. For a customised Olay Magnemasks skin remedy, multi-mask by applying a combination of anti-aging formula around areas prone to wrinkles and the hydration-formula on dry areas.


The Magnetic Infuser is specially designed to enhance the penetration of Olay Magnemasks and is exclusively tuned to the molecular properties of Niacinamide and Penta-Peptides, hero ingredients in the formula. When used together by gliding the Magnetic Infuser gently across skin surface, this 2-minute massage miracle repels key ingredients by natural magnetic force, infusing up to three times more hero ingredients 10 layers within the skin’s surface, as compared to finger application, to deliver a revelation in mask technology.

Olay Magnemasks RRP : RM139.90 (Jar Mask + Infuser kit) and RM109.90 (Jar Mask)