Neogence’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Skincare


One of the big skincare trends last year was skincare with hyaluronic acid as the primary ingredient. We saw this with well known counter brands and drugstore brands.

Neogence is a Taiwanese brand whose products are available at Sasa outlets. Their skincare promises to deliver deep hydration with hyaluronic acid being one of the key ingredients.

Their skincare products are developed for the Asian climate and specifically for Asian females. Neogence’s Activating Hydro System (AHS) is 3-fold, firstly, water replenishment, secondly, water retention and thirdly, water lock-in. The DNA Hydrating System is for water retention while the Hydrating Cream/Fluid are for water lock-in.

(1) DNA Hydrating Serum (30ml/RM120)

This comes in a plastic pump bottle with a cap. It’s recommended to be applied using a 5 minute muscle massage but I just apply it by massaging it in with my fingertips. It does absorb instantly and has a lightweight consistency.

This serum is for day and night usage and contains squalane to boost elasticity and soothe fine lines. After a few weeks’ of usage, I haven’t seen any improvement in skin elasticity or fine lines though I like the instantaneous hydration that it imparts to my skin upon each application.

(2) Hydrating Fluid (50ml/RM80)

The bottle looks similar to the DNA Hydrating Serum. Those with oily skins would have no issues with this moisturiser as it’s lightweight, has no oil-content and doesn’t feel greasy at all. I prefer this type of texture to cream moisturisers during the day as my face feels greasy enough especially on more humid days.

It contains Ceramide and pure olive oil extract for locking in moisture and preventing water from evaporating. Overall, I think that the serum used together with the hydrating fluid are  average hydrating products because I still feel that I need more moisture during the night. Moisturising creams are my preferred choice of moisturiser for night time. Perhaps the hydrating cream in this range would serve my dehydrated skin better.

Overall comment

Both products have a light fragrance, the pump dispensers are convenient and more hygienic than having to dip your fingers into a tub. The bottles are lightweight and suitable for bringing along when you travel. There are no parabens noted on the ingredients list of either product. In my opinion, they offer moderate hydration but if you need more hydration, check out the Neogence gel mask and sheet masks.