Drugstore Find Of The Week #5 : Garnier Skin Naturals Age Lift Firming Mask


 Garnier’s Age Lift range has a firming mask consisting of 2 x 6ml sachets. When I spotted it, I thought this was the rock-bottom cheap version of Lancome’s Renergie Morpholift Masque R.A.R.E™. Each sachet is for one application. It claims to help fight the signs of aging : lack of firmness and facial contours that lack definition.

It further claims to smooth and tone the skin to give facial features a lift, a lifting effect that lasts up to 8 hours. I found one sachet to be more than enough for my entire face and neck, in fact 5ml would also have been sufficient. 6ml is a generous amount for any woman’s face.

It felt slightly cool and I liked the almost gel-like texture which wasn’t heavy. There’s a fruity scent which is kind of aromatherapeutic. The recommended application time is 10-15 minutes and by 10 minutes, the mask had thickened considerably.

I could feel a gradual tightening sensation as the mask absorbed into my skin. I didn’t tissue off the residue as per instructions because the residue was too thick to be wiped off without the use of a moist cotton wool. My face felt firmer but certainly I won’t go so far as to say the effect lasted 8 hours!

As I have only used 2 sachets so far, obviously I cannot say that there’s been any dramatic improvement in skin suppleness. To notice whether there are any changes in skin firmness, one would have to use this product at least twice a week for a month.

Guardian stocks this mask at RM6.90 but I managed to get mine at a 10% discount, making it just RM6.20. It’s an economical instant skin tightening mask, a worthwhile purchase if you don’t feel like splurging on a counter brand’s equivalent which would set you back at least RM140.

Update : Watsons MidValley also stocks this mask and there is also a 10% discount at the moment.