Melvita Intimate Hygiene Gel



It’s rare to find organic intimate hygiene products so when I was informed that Melvita has an Intimate Hygiene Gel, I asked for a sample. This product is formulated without soap and combines the purifying qualities of Cranberry and the Lactic Acid from sugars with the softening, protecting action of Hibiscus and Mallow.

Using soaps and shower gels to wash our intimate areas may not be ideal as our pH and bacteria balance may be affected. Melvita Intimate Hygiene Gel has been tested for its organoleptic properties (pleasant texture, foaming and easy to rinse-off), for its efficiency (feeling of freshness, softness, comfort, cleanliness and protection) and for its tolerance.



The scent is very fruity without being too strong. It lathers up slightly by adding just a few drops of water. Be careful not to add too much water or it’ll be too diluted. This is a gentle yet effective wash, certainly feels comfortable and most important of all, clean!

Melvita Intimate Hygiene Gel retails at RM86/225ml.