Dr. Jart V7 Cleansing Foam


dr jart

The extent of my knowledge about Dr. Jart was limited to it originates from Korea and is a cosmeceutical/dermatological brand. I didn’t know until I had a look at the brand’s website that the brand name is a combination of the founder’s first initial “J” and the word “art”. The brand was founded in 2004-2005 and by 2010, it had expanded globally.

V7 Cleansing Foam is a super-oxidant cleanser which comes out of the tube so creamy and rich that I know this is going to be good. It smells incredible, I believe it’s a lavender scent? Actually, very little is needed to create a thick foam which feels like a cushion against my skin.


Although it feels so gentle, it is effective in removing foundation, powder and blush. My skin feels comfortable, smooth and soft after it’s been rinsed off. I wish they had a mask with this scent. I love this cleansing foam, thankfully I have a back-up.

Dr. Jart V7 Cleansing Foam retails at RM79/100ml and is available at Sasa outlets nationwide.

Product is a press sample from Sasa Malaysia.