Melvita Floral Bouquet Range For Brightening


It’s almost March and that means it’s about time when all the brands that have whitening skincare ranges will be promoting those products. March is Whitening Month in Malaysia, not sure about Singapore and our other neighbouring countries.

So with such a multitude of choices, what do we look for in whitening ranges? Of course, it is important for whitening skincare to provide moisture to skin as well as reduce pigmentation and control melanin production.

Melvita has specially developed Organic Narcissus Brightening Skincare for Asian skin. It contains extracts of organic narcissus bulb, which hibernates in summer. I emailed M. Didier Thevenin, Melvita’s Head of Education and Training to get some comments from him regarding this range and he said that narcissus extract inhibits melanogenesis and helps to improve skin appearance (reduce dark spots).

According to Melvita, the hibernating narcissus can suppress its cell proliferation and research has proven that it can effectively suppress the activity of skin melanin cells to greatly reduce its proliferation and reduce its distribution on the skin.

Narcissus Extraordinary Water and the three whitening cleansing and makeup remover products , including Floral Bouquet Cleansing Milk, Floral Bouquet Cleansing Foam and Floral Bouquet Face Soap; are all enriched with narcissus extracts for the purpose of brightening skin so that complexion is translucent and more even toned.

Narcissus Extraordinary Water Brightening Care RM78/100ml

Melvita’s Extraordinary Waters are known as serum toners because they have the function of serums even though the texture is that of a toner although the Rose Extraordinary Water feels thicker than the other two Extraordinary Waters, Narcissus and Orange Blossom.

Narcissus Extraordinary Water is known as “organic miracle water”. Other than extracts of organic narcissus bulb, there is also lemon extract, papaya, citrus and olive complex. It is rich in Vitamins C, E and enzymes. Due to the humid and year round hot weather here, our skin needs brightening hydration most so Narcissus Extraordinary Water is like an emergency rescue.

I have been using the Narcissus Extraordinary Water as a toner and on DIY masks and I find the floral scent to be even nicer than the Rose Extraordinary Water as it’s light and refreshing. Its the kind of scent that makes me want to put more on my skin. My skin does look brighter and more radiant with the continuous usage of Narcissus Extraordinary Water and it’s great as a hydrating agent especially when used on the DIY masks.

Floral Bouquet Cleansing Foam RM107/125ml

Its main active ingredient is organic narcissus extracts which cleanses the skin from makeup residues and dirt. Its no-soap formula is added with precious organic rose, orange blossoms and immortelle extracts. I love the foam that comes out with each pump, so soft and luxurious. Best of all, there is no need to add water. The instant foam is a time-saver. I use this after I have cleansed my face of make-up, sometimes there is some make-up residue and this floral scented rich foam removes all make-up residues and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Floral Bouquet Cleansing Milk – Softening RM108/200ml

An extra gentle formula suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins, for removing make-up and cleansing skin. The ingredients are natural, organic and non-comedogenic. Contains organic narcissus extracts, rose and orange blossom floral waters together with moisturizing organic honey and sweet almond oil.

Floral Bouquet Face Soap RM78/100g

Note : Narcissus Extraordinary Water and Floral Bouquet Cleansing Foam have been provided by PR for review.