Like A Skincare Primer


I tend to get Suisse Programme and Swiss Line mixed up but now I’m clear about one thing – Swiss Line isn’t available at Sasa, only Suisse Programme is. Suisse Programme’s Cellular Line Skin Care is for increasing skin regeneration process and improving skin vitality.

Their Cellular Boosting Lotion is a multi-active treatment which ideally should be used with the rest of the products in the Cellular range. It promises to help banish skin fatigue and dullness and give a smooth, radiant and luminous complexion.

The bottle looks like it is from some luxury counter brand and it might as well be given the price but there is quite a lot of it compared to similar products from other brands, I suppose. It’s a clear, not-too-runny gel with the consistency of a serum. It doesn’t feel sticky upon application, the recommended usage is by way of circular fingertip massage.

It would be pointless to use a cotton pad to apply the Cellular Boosting Lotion as it’d all be absorbed into the cotton. Initially, I thought I could use it with a DIY mask but nope, it doesn’t work that way and using fingers is really the best way to apply it.

I cannot say that it has done wonders for my skin but it’s actually the perfect primer for the rest of my skincare regimen. I apply it after toner and when I apply serum and/or moisturiser afterwards, my skin feels much softer, smoother and hydrated than if I were to omit the Cellular Boosting Lotion.

Would I still incorporate it into my daily skincare regimen after I’ve used up this bottle? No, I wouldn’t as I don’t think it is strictly necessary. It’s nice-to-have but not an absolute-must-have for me. I like the pump bottle as it dispenses just the right amount with one pump but intensely dislike the strong alcohol scent and generally, I consider myself very tolerant of scents in skincare.

Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Lotion is 130ml/RM280.