The Main Characters In The Penthouse War In Life Season 3 Get More Crazy


the-penthouseThis week I was looking forward to Episode 8 of “The Penthouse War In Life Season 3” but it wasn’t aired because of the Tokyo Olympics. It means another week of waiting to see what happens to Logan Lee whose burns are being treated by Ha Yoon Chul. Ha Yoon Chul has been brought to a secret location to treat Logan and the person who is making him treat Logan is none other than his ex-wife, Cheon Seo Jin. This is one of the bizarre things about this drama – Ha Yoon Chul is not a burns/skin specialist so how is he even qualified to give medical treatment to the severely burned Logan who supposedly got blasted to smithereens by Joo Dan Tae.

But then this is “he Penthouse War In Life Season 3” where nothing really makes sense and you can’t get answers to questions like why a set of bones on the scene of Logan’s bomb blast can be taken to belong to Logan. Then there is the triple agent, Baek Joon Ki who was brought to Korea by Logan. He was supposed to expose Joo Dan Tae’s misdeeds but he has an agenda of his own as he double crosses Shim Su Ryeon. Now he is also working for Cheon Seo Jin and Logan’s family who gives him a bag of cold hard cash in the latest episode last week. This guy is swinging to the side of whoever hands him cash for his gambling addiction.

Shim Su Ryeon is collaborating with Kang Ma Ri to bring down Joo Dan Tae & co. Kang Ma Ri’s husband, Yoo Dong Pil has been threatened by Joo Dan Tae so in order to protect his family, Yoo Dong Pil has to be Joo Dan Tae’s henchman including throwing Oh Yoon Hee’s body into the lake. I can’t believe Oh Yoon Hee is dead though and I wish she wasn’t as her character was interesting and she could be good and bad simultaneously. Too bad Oh Yoon Hee decided to save the ungrateful Cheon Seo Jin’s daughter, Ha Yoon Byul when she was kidnapped by the crazy housekeeper, Miss Jin. Now this Miss Jin is really insane as she is obsessed with Ha Yoon Byul.

Oh Yoon Hee’s daughter, Bae Ro Na has broken up with Joo Seok Hoon as Seok Hoon feels guilty towards her. He thinks that his father, Joo Dan Tae murdered Oh Yoon Hee. Seok Hoon decides to join his father’s business but perhaps this is just a cover-up. Could be he has another agenda like getting even for Ro Na. We will have to watch subsequent episodes to see what he has in mind.