Ancient Love Poetry : Incredible CGI Effects But Ending Could Have Been Better


maxresdefaultThe CGIs in “Ancient Love Poetry” were nothing short of spectacular, beautiful heavenly scenery and battles in the sky, among them. The last few episodes of this drama were about sacrifices for love. Prince Jing Jian sacrificed himself to save the woman he loved, the Queen of Phoenix, Feng Ran while True God Bai Jue sacrificed himself in the Tribulation of Chaos so that Chief God of Chaos, Shang Gu would’t have to. Shang Gu sacrificed herself in the last Tribulation 60,000 years ago and Bai Jue would rather die than watch Shang Gu sacrifice herself again. He already wiped out her memories so that she can’t remember anything about the Tribulation.

There’s a cute boy in the drama, the child of Bai Jue & Shang Gu’s incarnations (they split their Original Beings whatever that means). Actually those incarnations had more loving/touching moments than Bai Jue and Shang Gu. That’s a popular thing in Chinese dramas, where the guy makes the ultimate sacrifice for the girl but doesn’t want her to know anything about it. Bai Jue deliberately drives away Shang Gu on the pretext that he doesn’t love her any more and not telling her that he is going to take her place as sacrificial lamb in the next Tribulation.

The Heavenly Queen, Wu Huan who became a devil to gain more power has been defeated by Bai Jue, Shang Gu and demon God Tian Qi. Wu Huan is a woman who was never content with what she had and her downfall was her never-ending inferiority complex as she was just a humble phoenix in the Parasol Forest when she was selected by Shang Gu to serve her as personal maid. Wu Huan always had the feeling that everyone looked down on her which is why she wanted to cultivate as much power as possible even if that meant absorbing evil energy. Unrepentant till the last, she lost her husband and sons.

After Bai Jue sacrificed himself, Shang Gu learned the truth and spent hundreds of years kneeling to pray for Bai Jue to be restored to life. Then in the last scent, the new God of Fire appears and it’s none other than Bai Jue. Finally they are reunited but who is going to sacrifice themselves in the next Tribulation? Maybe there will be a sequel.