MAC Technique Workshop


Last weekend was a beauty workshop weekend with the MAC Technique workshop on the same 2 days as the Lancome Ultra Lavande workshop. Participants who paid RM250 (with RM200 redeemable against MAC products) were given a hand-on session and shown basic makeup techniques.

The workshop facilitator was none other than MAC’s Senior Artist, Haritha Shan who started by introducing participants to MAC’s skincare, in particular the Lightful range.

Skincare before makeup

One of Haritha’s skincare tips is to apply a lip conditioner the night before and the next morning, splash warm water on the lips which has the effect of a scrub. Haritha recommends using synthetic bursh #190 to apply skincare because the lines on our hands absorb more skincare.

Participants were then instructed on applying primer (Strobe Cream) and foundation. Whether you’re “NC” or “NW” as far as MAC’s foundations are concerned depends on whether you’re fair or tanned. “NC” or “neutral cool” is for those with yellow based complexions (fairer) and “NW” or “neutral warm” is for those with pink based complexions (tanner).

Imparting makeup tips

According to Haritha, the current spring/summer makeup trend is towards monotone eyeshadows worn together with heavy mascara. Neon colours are the in thing and we’ll be seeing a lot of that in upcoming MAC Collections.

Fill in lips with a lip pencil so that lips appear fuller and the colours last longer. Use a darker toned lip pencil with a lighter, pink lipstick. Apply a dab of lipgloss in the centre of the lips as the colour will spread as you talk.

Although this was just a workshop for applying basic makeup, there were still some interesting tips to pick up even for someone more experienced in makeup. Workshops like these are always a great learning tool for those who want to learn more from the experts.

Hopefully, Haritha will be conducting an advanced class in the near future so that we can pick up more professional techniques.