MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Lipstick Cybernaut


dsc_8650Pale neutral lipsticks look fabulous on a number of women. Celebrities wear such shades on the red carpet and look amazing but I don’t think I can pull it off and anyway I don’t think I want lipsticks that hardly show up on my lips. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Lipstick Cybernaut is one of these shades that is so light that I wonder if I even have anything on my lips.

dsc_8652dsc_8651It’s a very comfortable wearing lipstick as it is highly hydrating. It is also extremely smooth and creamy, almost like a lip balm type of product. Cybernaut is the shade for people who dislike strong, vibrant shades. I am not one of those people simply because I don’t believe in wearing a lipstick where I can barely see any colour.