MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Collection : Interview With Haritha Shan



Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate beauty icon, a woman whose image is ingrained in everyone’s minds even though she passed away 5 decades ago. MAC Cosmetics introduced their Marilyn Monroe Collection, the colours reflect the classic look of Marilyn where her eyes and lips were always the centre of attention and not forgetting her beauty mark of course. I had the opportunity to ask MAC Senior Artist, Haritha Shan some questions about this latest collection.

For those who are new to makeup, can you please explain what are the key features of “The Marilyn Monroe Look”? What are the essential products to be used to create/achieve the look?

The look would focus on the eyes, enhancing a bedazzled look. There are 2 eyeshadow essentials – How To Marry & Showgirl. How To Marry is a soft white which is used as a highlighter while Showgirl is a dark blue grey. For Caucasian skin tones, I’d pair How To Marry with Silver Screen (true silver).

Cheeks are light, flushed and pale – either one of the blushers in this collection are light. Marilyn did her own makeup and concentrated on her red lips. The lipsticks for her look would be either Love Goddess (satin/semi-matte) which gives more moisture or Charmed I’m Sure (matte) whichis a more intense and vibrant red. The matte lipstick would be more long-wearing.

How should women of colour go about adapting the makeup in this collection in order to suit their own skin tone since Marilyn was essentially a very light skin toned beauty?

Marilyn’s key features were her winged eyeliner and red lips. There’s no need to adapt the makeup as the colours would also suit darker skin tones, the blushers are buildable. I am wearing one of the blushers from the collection now (The Perfect Cheek with matte texture).

What is the 1st thing that catches your attention when you see a picture of Marilyn?

A beauty icon like a cheetah that walks in the garden, a slow walker who has elegance and grace, a true woman. Women look up to her, she was the woman of the century.

What are your favourite products in the collection and why?

The False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara as it gives a very carbonated and intense black look.

The Beauty Powder as it’s jet-milled and very fine. It gives a flawless effect and glow. Tanned people can use it on specific parts of the face such as the high panels – nose bridge, cheekbones, chin – to enhance their features.

Have you watched any of Marilyn’s movies? Which ones?

I’ve watched “How To Marry A  Millionaire” and “The Prince and The Showgirl”. She was very funny.

What are the nail lacquers in this collection like?

They are creamier than previous nail lacquers. They give a cream shine so nails look beautiful. MAC will be coming up with more nail lacquers in the next few seasons.

Why do you think Marilyn remains such a popular icon even today, 50 years after her death? In what way does she inspire you?

She was a beauty icon with grace. In her movies, she was one of the few actresses who wore red lipstick, her signature look. I love her seductiveness, a lot of women can learn how to seduce a man from watching her.